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The Most Influential Job in the World

The Most Influential Job in the World published on 1 Comment on The Most Influential Job in the World

I started writing this yesterday and was interrupted by my full time job, it’s a very important job that requires immediate attention as you will see.

On this municipal Election Day in Alberta, I was reflecting on what an important and influential job being mayor is. Then, I thought, “But I have the hardest, most important, and influential job out there.” Let me explain.

From the moment of conception, I was given the responsibility of caring for my child. My stress levels, moods, and any food or drink that I consume affect my child’s wellbeing. Already the difficulty of the job has begun with feeling tired and sick and not being able to take anything for a headache or cold.

When baby is born the job becomes a 24 hour responsibility of feeding, comforting, caring, loving. No holidays, no breaks- unless of course I decide to not sleep when baby sleeps. Learning to give and give and give of myself for what is best for baby and his development. Now that he’s older he teaches me patience as every diaper change becomes a wrestling match, as he wants to do things himself, as I slow down and am just present with him. He teaches me to be a better person, so that I can raise him to be the man he was created to be. And I only have one child! For those who have more, imagine how the difficulty increases. (Although I’ve heard that after you have 4 or 5 children you can just keep having more and not much changes.) Yes, a difficult job, but obviously the most important and influential job out there is going to be difficult.

Why the most important and influential? In order for human life to continue on Earth, we need moms and lots of ‘em! We are given the joy and responsibility of forming these little people from the earliest moments of life and we are the world to them! I remember as a child believing that my mom knew everything! She was so smart, she was there to comfort, to help me with my problems, with anything I needed. She could fix any situation. That is the power that we have as moms. We form the next generation. We can change the world through how we parent. Our little ones will become the people that we have formed them to become. We are charged with forming their conscience, their knowledge of what is right and wrong, teaching them empathy and integrity. We are forming the future of the world towards war or peace, what job is more influential than that?

An old Jesuit maxim says, “Give us a child until he’s seven and we’ll have him for life.” We aren’t “just” moms, we are the most important and influential people in this world.

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