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Health Nuts published on 2 Comments on Health Nuts

It’s a dangerous hobby to look up healthy eating habits online. A dangerous hobby that my husband and I enjoy participating in. Our families have labelled us as “particular” and although they love us and want to see us, I think they breathe a sigh of relief when we leave. My mother-in-law shared with me that she never knows what to cook when we come since she doesn’t know what new health craze we will be on. One time we’re eating gluten, the next time we aren’t. When we’re at her place, we drive her crazy with checking the ingredients on everything- including her salt and informing her that her sea salt isn’t as healthy as she thought since it has anti-clumping agents. Anything she has purchased readymade is checked and we inform her that it has canola oil in it, so no we won’t feed it to our one year old. I bet you’re all thinking you’d love to host us. Gone are the days of living in Japan when I had no idea what we were eating, let alone what ingredients were in it.

Recently, we did some more research (big shocker right?). Allan listened to books on health while doing yard work which got us off gluten. One of my friends was telling me how she soaks all her grains and nuts, so I researched soaking oats. I wasn’t happy with what I found. I wanted to side with the people who said that it doesn’t matter how you soak the oats it won’t break down the phytic acid. My husband, however, opted for listening to those who said that you should soak the oats. You should soak with an acid and buckwheat (which has phytase to break down the phytic acid). So we soak them dutifully overnight with apple cider vinegar and buckwheat. Then, we rinse off the oats and put them in our recently purchased dehydrator. The dehydrator is plastic, entirely plastic, so I wonder where the biggest health concern is- the phytic acid that is impeding our absorption of nutrients or the toxins that are coming from the plastic into our food. The problem is that the stainless steel dehydrator was $400 more than the plastic one. Anyways, after we dehydrate our oats, we make granola with them. Yes, it is WAY more work than just making granola out of oats. To think, for years I ate those sugar filled cereals you buy at the store. Then, I decided to be healthy by making my own granola. Then, I started buying organic oats. Now, I’m soaking the oats. I don’t know if it’s just in my mind, but I do find that the soaked oats keep me full for longer.

Our Soaked Oat Granola

Of course, we didn’t stop there with our research. We found out that the nuts that we were buying from Costco are fumigated with PPO. Already I can’t remember what that means, but basically it’s bad. They do it to kill off anything that could make us sick, like salmonella. We researched that because the same friend buys her nuts organic and raw. We ended up returning the four bags of “raw” almonds from Costco that we had just bought.

Now, I’m not sure how my husband found this, but turns out that potatoes when cooked at high temperatures or baked in the oven have acrylamide. Acrylamide is a carcinogen. No more baked or roasted potatoes in this household, it’s just cancer waiting to happen. No more delicious French fries. Nope, the only way we eat potatoes is boiled.

We went camping with my family and normally we make the potatoes on the BBQ wrapped in aluminum foil spiced with dill, onion, seasoning salt and they’re soooo delicious, especially those parts that get a little brown and crispy. (Those brown and crispy parts of any food, by the way, are carcinogenic.) Imagine that, first of all eating potatoes cooked at high temperatures and secondly wrapped in aluminum that is also being heated! Aluminum that is seeping into our delicious potatoes causing us to develop Alzheimer’s disease! For years we ate this way, but not anymore. At least while we were out camping, everyone was going to eat some nice bland boiled potatoes with us. We wouldn’t let them develop cancer or Alzheimer’s on our watch. You see, we feel the need to educate others on what we have learned. Actually, we feel that it is our RESPONSIBILITY to save their future health.

One day this summer, Allan wakes up and decides to research our garden hose. Turns out that garden hoses leach all kinds of things into the water like lead, so while having an organic garden, we’re watering it with all these toxins. He went out and bought a drink water safe hose. What did we do before there was the internet? Lived in peaceful oblivion.

Our families have chosen to pretty much ignore us on some of these health crazes. My brother, a while back, said, “You and Allan sure don’t do anything in moderation do you?” No, we sure don’t, it’s all or nothing around here.

Last year, I was all into learning about plastics and how bad they are for our health and the environment. While I am still conscious of the plastics that I use and avoid them when possible, I have relaxed a bit. I use disposable diapers every once and a while. I only go to one grocery store to buy food so I get meat packaged in Styrofoam (gasp!). So, perhaps, as time goes on we will relax about the potatoes too.

I usually try to be less hard core and “educational” with friends as opposed to family. After all, family is stuck with our “particular-ness,” friends are not. Now, for all of you who read this, you’re very welcome for saving your future health.

Here’s a video of why it’s hard to eat healthy.


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