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About Me

I’m the type of person who laughs easily and loudly. Sometimes, I can’t get through telling a story because I’m laughing too hard. As my sister said of me, “There’s no laughing on the inside for this girl, if she thinks it’s funny she’ll let you know.”

Three years ago, I left for France to teach English. I came back to Canada for one year and then, my husband and I moved to Japan for a year. Some of my stories are about my time in France and in Japan.

About the Name

Since I was little, my favourite flower has been the dandelion which most people think of as weeds. Whenever I see dandelions, I am filled with joy. Maybe, it’s because no matter how hard people try to get rid of them, they’re still popping their sunny little heads up everywhere. They’re the underdogs that just keep winning.

In the blog name, dandelions represent anything that brings joy or beauty to a person. Often, to see a “dandelion” is a choice. One situation might seem frustrating or embarrassing in the moment, but in retrospect can be quite funny. Dandelions are everywhere, we just need to stop seeing them as weeds and start seeing them as flowers. I’m hoping that by telling you funny stories or moments of beauty in my life that you will begin to look for these moments in your own life. Essentially, I hope that you will begin to have a dandelion perspective.

About the Stories

The stories are all “true.” I put true in quotations because my husband and I could have the exact same experience, but remember it differently. These stories are the versions from my memory. I have also taken the liberty of occasionally using artistic licence to exaggerate or to invent details that memory has forgotten.

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