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Before my son was born…

Before my son was born… published on No Comments on Before my son was born…

Before my son was born, I used to spend time in prayer asking God, “What is Your will for my life? What are You calling me to?” God’s will is now continually urgently evident to me. God has answered my prayer with a child. A child who needs to be fed, changed, napped, and have my undivided attention the rest of the time. If not, I have a little baby climbing up my legs crying for attention.

Before my son was born, I never meditated on the infant Jesus or even the toddler Jesus. Now, my meditation regularly includes thoughts such as, “Was Jesus a good sleeper?”, “How much time did Mary spend trying to get Jesus to sleep?”, “Was Jesus an easy baby since Mary was already perfect and didn’t need to grow in patience as I do? Or was He just a regular baby and since Mary was perfect she handled all the small frustrations with patience and grace?”, “What humility God had to become a baby, crawling on the ground, unable to speak and express His needs except through crying!”

My son has changed my relationship with God in a beautiful way. While just being himself he is teaching me how to live in the moment, how to discover the world, how to be patient (he is so much more patient with me as he waits for me to do what I have planned for the day), how to laugh at the simple things, how to be vulnerable, how to be humble and unselfconscious. He provides me with hours of entertainment and is teaching me to sacrifice my time, my sleep, my comfort, my body.

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