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Conversations with Allan

Conversations with Allan published on No Comments on Conversations with Allan


Mr. Popular

Allan: “I got 3 text messages.”

Me, in a mocking tone: “From your mom.”

Allan checks his phone and grins, “No,” pause, “from your mom.”


Allan is pretty into health. He takes vitamin and mineral supplements daily, along with pro-biotics. He always tries to get enough exercise and you can often find him going for runs in the mornings. He reads about health too, it’s not just that he takes all those supplements, he knows how much to take and what those vitamins do.

One morning, he was filling his bowl with homemade granola, thinking, “I wish my wife would buy organic oats to make the granola.” Then, he grabbed the fair trade chocolate (which we later found out only contains 65% fair trade ingredients, but you have to start somewhere) and started dumping that into his granola. He eyed the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table, went to take one out, stopped himself and said with frustration in his voice, “Honey, could you make healthier cookies please.”

A Pause.

“I’m already eating chocolate for breakfast.”

Bathroom Sink

I went to the bathroom and noticed that a big chunk of bar soap had fallen down the drain AGAIN. Our drain is just a hole, so lots can fall down. I come out of the bathroom and ask kindly, “Allan, can I give you a suggestion?”


“When you’re using the soap, rub your hands on it over the soap dish instead of over the sink.”

Allan: “Can I give you a suggestion?”


“Stop buying bar soap.”

I start laughing, “No!”

After all this is one of the easy ways to go plastic free.

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