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Pickle Jar Uses

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Several months ago I bought a 4 L jar of pickles from Costco. When I brought it home, we had no space for it in the cupboards or in the fridge, so I left it on the floor. My husband was not too impressed with my purchase and the space that it was occupying and asked me when we were going to eat that many pickles, to which I explained that I bought it mostly for the big glass jar, not so much even for the pickles. You see, as I have been going plastic free, I have been accumulating glass jars and containers to use instead. When I saw this giant glass jar I was immediately allured into purchasing it and I do eat pickles. I figured the glass jar must be worth at least half of the price for the pickles anyhow. Now, you might be wondering what I was intending on doing with a large glass jar. At the time, I was thinking that I could store dried goods in it- like flour.

I started to eat pickles pretty much every day which then transferred the giant pickle jar into our fridge and took up more than its fair share of space. Every once and a while, we wouldn’t have room for it in the fridge and it would go out onto the counter for a couple days. As I was eating the pickles, I figured that they’re good for me since they’re fermented- or so I thought. Then, one day, as I was eating one, my husband questioned whether they were actually good for me and what the ingredients were. Most of the ingredients were pretty normal, until we came upon the last ingredient Polysorbate-80. We consulted our good friend Google and found all kinds of articles about the dangers of Polysorbate-80. I stopped eating the pickles and left them in the fridge/counter for quite some time wondering what to do with them. I don’t like throwing away food, but I really didn’t want to give them to anyone when I had just learned of all the dangers of this ingredient. In the end, I did garbage them. As a side note, I have since looked for other pickles to buy, but all the ones I have found also have Polysorbate-80 in them. One day, I hope to make my own pickles.

giant pickle jar
Pickle jar storing muffins.

Do I regret my purchase when I threw most of the pickles out? No. You see, the glass jar has proved to be quite as useful as I imagined. As I do not want to drink water from plastic with the whole going plastic free thing (however, I recently learned that most water pipes in houses are plastic… so much for that), we have used the pickle jar as a water jug for picnics or full day excursions. It’s definitely not the type of jar you want to be carrying up a mountain, but if you can leave it in the car and re-fill your water bottles from it, it’s quite useful. Recently, as you can see from the picture, I used it to store muffins. I’m constantly struggling to find non-plastic containers in my house to store my bread and other baking. Voilà, here I have a giant jar that can hold over a dozen muffins. It will be interesting to see all the other uses I will find for this jar in years to come.

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