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The Pains of Pregnancy Brain

The Pains of Pregnancy Brain published on No Comments on The Pains of Pregnancy Brain

Recently, I have developed terrible pregnancy brain/baby brain, or whatever you want to call it. I’ll blame that for the fact that I haven’t been writing consistently and updating my blog. In fact, I had figured out exactly what I wanted to write here in my post about pregnancy brain and now that I sat down to write it, my mind has gone blank. I really don’t know how women keep on working all the way until their due date. All I can manage to do is to pretend that I’m focused and paying attention.

I was talking to my sister, who is also pregnant, the other day. She was explaining, “When I wake up in the morning, I have a whole list of things that I want to get done today in my head. Then, I get so tired, I hardly get anything done.”

I was amazed at her, “That’s pretty risky to keep the list in your head!”

I keep thinking of things to do and hurriedly go to write them down, but often, by the time I get to my agenda, I’ve already forgotten what I was going to write down. Just today, I remembered that I had left the big bag of flour I bought in the trunk of my car for my husband to bring up to our apartment. It’s already been in there three days and it’s been raining… Today, I will remember to get him to bring it up, I just wrote it down.

Last week, I had to interview real estate agents. It was quite the challenging task, partly because I needed to focus on what they were saying and ask intelligent questions. When I met with the one agent, I was doing pretty well except that every once and a while my mind would just go blank for a while, then, I’d realize that I wasn’t listening and refocus. I wanted to make sure I was making a good decision on who to choose as our agent and show that I was an intelligent young woman. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting questions, so that when I thought of questions, I decided that I needed to interrupt and ask them immediately lest I forget them again.

When I went to a flower garden with some friends last week, I became really quite frustrated. I know quite a few flower names and as we were walking around the garden I couldn’t think of so many of them. My friends were asking me the names of things and I was trying to think of them, but alas, I couldn’t.

I think what really happens is that my brain may just fall asleep for a few moments, or just allow my subconscious to take over every once and a while. I don’t find that I’m thinking about anything in particular, but that it just goes blank until I force it to wake up again and do its job. Perhaps I should experiment with writing in the stream of consciousness style, as those famous authors, whom I can’t remember the names of right now, have done. Maybe I will become famous for my pregnancy brain ramblings.

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