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Do onions really absorb bacteria and viruses?

Do onions really absorb bacteria and viruses? published on 2 Comments on Do onions really absorb bacteria and viruses?

Home remedy of a cut onionI had just gotten over a two week cold. I had been healthy for a week and then, BAM- I felt achy and sick again. I upped my vitamin D, had a hot lemon drink, and got to bed early. My husband, who is always ready to help, suggested cutting open an onion and having it in the room overnight to absorb any viruses or bacteria. He had read about this home remedy somewhere online a while back. Apparently, cut onions will absorb all kinds of things, so you should try and use the whole onion when cooking. If you do keep an onion for longer in the fridge, you should make sure it’s in a good airtight glass container so it doesn’t absorb germs from the fridge that you would then ingest when eating the onion. (I suggest glass because if this is true about onions, I imagine the onion would absorb toxins from a plastic container.) This site recommended putting a cut onion in your room overnight to help get rid of colds too.

I refused my husband’s kind offer, in part because I didn’t want to get out of bed to cut an onion. Nonetheless, right before going to sleep, Allan got up, cut open an onion and placed it face up on my night table. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness. Part way through the night, I woke up to use the washroom. Our room just wreaked of onion!

“Our room stinks so much of onion.” I informed Allan, as if he hadn’t noticed.

“You can take it out now if you like.” Replied Allan and maybe he was hoping that I would, but I was set on trying this for the night. If this worked, that would be quite the home remedy!

The next morning, I woke up with a cold in a very smelly room. It’s possible that the onion did help clear my sinuses at night to help me sleep, but it certainly did not take away my cold. Luckily, it was a warm enough day, so I kept the window open to air out our bedroom. That night, the onion smell still lingered in our room.

A few days later, I still have my cold, but it’s not a very bad one at all. Did the onion help? It’s hard to say, it’s possible that it did, it’s also possible that it just stunk up our room. Perhaps, I need to try it over a series of nights or just another time that I have a cold. At this point though, I’m not willing to try this again. However, if you decide to take the plunge and try this home remedy, let me know if it worked for you. After all, why not try it? The only negative side effect is a smelly room.


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