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A Lesson in Parenting: My Babysitting Adventure

A Lesson in Parenting: My Babysitting Adventure published on 3 Comments on A Lesson in Parenting: My Babysitting Adventure

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to babysit my year and a half old nephew. Before going out for the evening, my sister was very thorough in going over what I could give him as snacks, the details of his bedtime routine including how many stories to read, how to give him a bath, and showing me his nighttime diaper and pajamas. I listened carefully to follow her instructions.

The first thing I had to do once his parents left was to give my nephew a bath. My sister had told me that he really likes his bath, so I could let him stay in the bath until he loses interest and that it was best to make sure he was all clean before he lost interest. After five minutes, I had him all cleaned up since I really didn’t know how long he would want to stay in the bath. Half an hour later, he was still playing as content as could be with no loss of interest. As I was needing to get through the rest of his bedtime routine, I decided the bath had been long enough. I got his towel ready on the counter. I picked him out of the tub. I turned to get the towel and when I looked back he was gone. I grabbed the towel and went chasing after my wet naked nephew who was having the time of his life running all over the house leaving little wet footprints behind him. I caught up to him and wrapped him in the towel. Previously, I had been reminiscing about how when I was a child, I liked to be cuddled in the big soft towel after my baths. I thought he would be the same. Apparently, he doesn’t like his towel… or cuddles. I recounted this to my sister later. She just looked at me and asked, “You left the bathroom door open?” As only my husband and I were home, I didn’t even think to close the door to keep from having to chase after my nephew. Lesson learned.

Once I had wrestled him into his pajamas and given him several snacks, we went downstairs to read some books. At that point the doorbell rang. It was Mormon missionaries. My husband decided to invite them in and chat with them. I was ok with this as long as they didn’t stay too long since I needed my nephew to go to sleep. Half an hour later the missionaries were still there, I made gestures that they needed to go if we were going to get my nephew to sleep anytime soon. Finally, after asking twice that they wrap it up, they left, but my nephew was not wanting to sleep. In the end, he was down for about ten minutes when his parents came home.

The morals of the story are:

1) Close the door when giving a toddler a bath.

2) Don’t invite Mormon missionaries in when it’s a toddler’s bedtime.


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