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Being Health Conscious (Part 3): Sugar and Toxins

Being Health Conscious (Part 3): Sugar and Toxins published on 1 Comment on Being Health Conscious (Part 3): Sugar and Toxins

Here’s the third part to my series about my husband and I becoming increasingly health-conscious.

Part 1: Pancakes

Part 2: GMOs

A couple months after watching the GMO OMG documentary, some friends invited us over to talk to us about the pre-conception care that they were doing. Before going, all I knew is that they were getting into organic products. I was interested in where they shop and if they found some good deals.

Over a cup of organic tea and cut up fruit, our friends educated us on all the toxins in our environment. This was more than just about food, it was about how so many things in our environment are toxic. Some of it we already knew, like don’t use frying pans with t-fal coating, but much of it was new- like soaps/lotions/perfumes, etc. with fragrance are toxic and essential oils are the way to go.

After this meeting, I started cleaning with vinegar and borax instead of chemical cleaners. Plus, I figure that dumping vinegar into our water supply is most likely much better than dumping corrosive chemicals down the cleaning stuffdrain. We now keep our cell phones on airplane mode most of the time since we still don’t know the health risks of the signals going in and out of phones. Our friends also recommended to us The Truth about Cancer documentary series.

That night, we came home and started watching the documentary The Truth about Cancer since you can get the first two episodes free. We only ended up watching half of the first video- we were planning on continuing to watch it, but to date haven’t (other movies are captivating our attention more readily, I suppose). This one hour of the documentary convinced us to get rid of all the sugar in our house as it causes cancer. Prior to watching this film, we were planning on switching to buying organic sugar since most sugar beets are genetically modified, but after watching we decided that all sugar was bad. I proceeded to make all of my Christmas baking with natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, maple syrup, and honey. I also stopped buying foods that contain sugar, like flavoured yogurt. The good thing about not having sugar in the house is that I’m not tempted to eat it. However, lately, I am craving sugar and taking full advantage of being offered sweets by others. I was offered ice cream the other night and it tasted sooo good!

All this new information has of course changed my perspective. Before Christmas, we attended a Toastmasters club to check it out. For introductions, we were supposed to say something that we couldn’t do without at Christmas when we were children. A couple of the people in the group mentioned making homemade fudge. My initial response was, “Fudge is pure sugar and sugar is cancer causing.” Luckily, I had enough sense of social decorum to hold my tongue.

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