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Being Health Conscious (Part 1): Pancakes

Being Health Conscious (Part 1): Pancakes published on 3 Comments on Being Health Conscious (Part 1): Pancakes

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about my husband and my sometimes extreme health habits.

When I met my husband, he didn’t take vitamins. So, I’m not sure how it happened any more, perhaps it was the fact that I’d gone to naturopaths in the past, but Allan decided to go see a naturopath. I hadn’t even suggested it, in fact, I was living in France at the time. He just came up with this idea on his own and went.

Allan took his naturopath’s suggestions very seriously. He started taking vitamins religiously and went so far as buying a book about healthy foods and recipes. He bought stevia as a sweetener, teff flour, coconut flour, spelt flour, amaranth flour, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. He also bought himself a large pancake grill. Thus began his pancake making adventures.healthy pancakes

Every time he made pancakes, they tasted a little bit differently since he never measured. He was trying to perfect the ratios of the different flours and seeds. He would usually serve the pancakes plain, but occasionally would put a little almond butter on them.

Having grown up eating whole wheat pancakes, after a while, I also got used to eating these healthy pancakes, despite their gravelly texture. I knew they weren’t what most people would consider “good,” but I didn’t mind them and got used to the taste. Plus they were healthy and being a health conscious person myself, I appreciated this healthy breakfast. Allan quite liked the pancakes and prided himself on them. He would invite friends over for brunch and make them his specialty, although for guests he would usually serve the pancakes with fruit and whipped cream.

My husband lived in a house with a bunch of guys and as such there were often other guys in and out visiting or hanging out. On several occasions, he offered these visitors his pancakes, some would refuse, but most would accept and give a gracious thank you. But the moment of truth was bound to come and it finally did. One of these guests tasted the pancake and said, “This is the worst pancake I’ve ever eaten.” A disgusted expression crossed his face, “It tastes like bird feed.”

My husband just laughed and continued making his pancakes as a very health conscious adult.


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