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The Sincerity of Children

The Sincerity of Children published on No Comments on The Sincerity of Children

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the beautiful moments from my wedding day.

I had never been so stressed out about being beautiful as I was on my wedding day. It probably helps to know that I rarely wear make-up or jewellery. I also don’t know how to do anything with my hair other than straighten it. So, for my wedding day I had to buy a pretty dress, get my hair done, get my make-up done, and even pluck my eyebrows! For me, it was a difficult process and I just wanted to be so beautiful for that day.

Of course, everyone on your wedding day tells you how beautiful you are and I do believe that they are being sincere, but after hearing it so many times, you kind of start to wonder if they just don’t know what else to say after, “Congratulations.”

However, there was one particular moment of sincerity. After the ceremony and receiving line, I was walking back into the church to get my belongings. A little girl, who was attending the next wedding, was hanging out by the door. When I came in, she looked up from my feet to my face. Her eyes got big and her jaw dropped. She gasped, “Oh wow.” That’s when I felt like a princess.

We had a few other little girls attend our wedding. It was those little girls thinking that I was just like a princess and Allan was my prince charming that really made me feel beautiful and brought me back to my childhood days.

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