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Broccoli Soup with a Pinch of Fly

Broccoli Soup with a Pinch of Fly published on No Comments on Broccoli Soup with a Pinch of Fly

My husband and I are becoming more and more health conscious. For example, we recently purged our pantry of sugar and instead bake only with coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey, and stevia. We aren’t able to totally give up baking of course. Unfortunately, our chocolate chips contain sugar, but chocolate is also not something either of us is willing to give up.

As an aside, I am still a little skeptical about this coconut sugar being healthier than other sugars. I don’t think that coconuts are particularly sweet especially when you compare them to sugar cane or sugar beets. So, how do they get sugar from a coconut?photo (1)

Anyways, now that we are becoming more health conscious, we are trying to buy more things organic. Recently, we bought some organic broccoli. It came in a plastic bag. We took it out of the plastic bag in case the said bag had dangerous chemicals like BPA that were going to leak into our precious organic broccoli. Unfortunately, this resulted in the broccoli becoming really flexible quickly. Has anyone else kept carrots or celery for a long time in the fridge to the point you could bend it in half? The broccoli wasn’t that bad, but it was getting there.

Last night, to use up more of the broccoli that was getting bendy, I made broccoli soup. Today, I ate some too. Except that today when I had poured the soup into my bowl, I noticed a tiny fly lying dead on top. I’m glad I saw it since it could have very well blended in with all the little pieces of the broccoli florets. I picked it out and decided to still eat the soup. I was somewhat disgusted with it, however, since I wasn’t sure how long it had been in the soup. Was it in the organic broccoli all the time? In which case, it would have boiled together with the other vegetables for quite a while. Or, was it just a fruit fly from around our house that landed in there while the soup was cooling last night or while I was warming up the soup today? The thought of brewing soup with flies grossed me out and as this fly could have easily camouflaged in, I was extra careful examining every mouthful of soup. I guess the positive side is that if it was in there all along the boiling would have hopefully killed any germs it had.

Growing up with a garden, I am used to finding insects in salad (although I don’t like it), but I’m not used to finding insects cooked up with everything else. Yet, despite this incident, I do maintain my belief that organic is the way to go. In future, I will just examine the broccoli carefully before eating or cooking it.



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